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Black Tent announces an exciting new book by Lesley Skipper:

The Cleveland Bay Horse

The first book about the Cleveland Bay for 40 years, this book aims to increase awareness of the excellent qualities of the Cleveland Bay, and to encourage breeders to take action to preserve it for posterity. It covers the origins and history of the Cleveland Bay; its characteristics – conformation, movement, colour and temperament – management, training, showing the Cleveland, and much more besides. The book gives an overview of the breed’s critical situation, and offers suggestions about how this situation could be improved to ensure the breed’s survival..

Illustrated in colour and black-and-white, this book is a long-awaited and extremely valuable addition to the equestrian literature. Check it out here



By Paul L. Dawson:

Crippled Splendour: The French Cavalry from Valmy to Toulouse

Napoleon's Gods: The Grenadiers à Cheval 1812–1815

This book provides a brief introduction to Napoleon’s Imperial Guard and the regiment’s place in it, as well as brief early history of the regiment, and a hoof to tack description of the Grenadiers à Cheval from the fateful Russian campaign of 1812 to its disbandment in 1815 following the disaster of Waterloo. It describes the horses, uniforms and equipment of the regiment, as well as regimental organisation, and provides short biographies of the officers and some of the men, giving a vivid picture of how the men of the regiment lived, and in some cases, how they died.

...and don't forget these additions to our list of titles for the 200th Anniversary of the battle of Waterloo:

Au Pas de Charge! Napoleon's Cavalry at Waterloo Click here for more information.

Charge the Guns!  Wellington's Cavalry at Waterloo Click here for more information.

 These new books from Napoleonic scholar Paul L. Dawson are a mine of information for Napoleonic scholars and wargamers alike.

by the same author:

Au Galop! Horses and Riders of Napoleon's Army
Like its companion volume, Boots and Saddles! this is a mine of information for Napoleonic scholars, wargamers and equestrians alike. Click here for more information.

Boots and Saddles! Horses and Riders of Wellington's Army Click here for more information. See also Robert Burnham's excellent review of the book - click here to go to the review.

And also...

Understanding the Arabian Horse  NOW IN A NEW, EXPANDED EDITION 


The product of many years of research and experience with Arabian horses, this groundbreaking book contains a wealth of information for Arabian horse enthusiasts. Click here for more information


The Natural Stallion: his Behaviour, Management and Training

It's taken a number of years, but at long last The Natural Stallion has finally seen the light of day. As the title suggests, it's specifically about stallions, but as stallions are still horses, albeit with some'extras', much of the book also applies to mares and geldings. So if you have a stallion, or want to know more about them, or are simply interested in horse behaviour, training and management, click here to find out more...


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As well as offering a range of services to publishers, organisations and individuals via our sister organisation, Black Tent Photography, we are now publishing a select range of specialist books, with the emphasis on equestrian and historical non-fiction. Our current list includes books by such noted equestrian authors as Ann Hyland, Lesley Skipper and Anne Wilson, as well as respected Napoleonic scholar Paul L. Dawson, who is also an accomplished equestrian.

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